Lantern Press is the industry leader for Souvenir, Gift, and Resort for creating new artwork. We specialize in customized, specific, high-quality artwork to be applied to a host of Made in USA products.

The graphics below demonstrate the art capabilities of Lantern Press. We have several styles and concepts, which will help you build a full set of graphics for your town, park, or any other location. Please see the guide below and use as a reference to guide our art department in the type of artwork that you think would work for you. For a complete list of graphic and illustration styles, please reference our 2019 Catalog.

Retro Skyline
Seattle, Washington - Retro Skyline (no text) - Lantern Press Poster

A crowd pleaser and one of our top-selling designs! Features city skylines or landmarks in a unique and minimal retro style.

Port Townsend, Washington - Octopus Mosaic - Lantern Press Poster

We've created our own version of the historic mosaic art style that is truly one-of-a-kind. Can include anything from animals to sea creatures to various landmarks.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Typography - Lantern Press Artwork

A way to create a modern and custom piece of art for your unique location. Looks great on all of our products and can include key phrases, words, historic dates, and even small icons.

Southern California - Woodblock - Lantern Press Artwork

Made to look like the old-school style of printing using texture, minimal color palettes, and unique composition. You will love these designs!

Seattle, Washington - Scenes Montage - Lantern Press Artwork

Center scene with a famous scene or main street. 3-4 scenes around the border to include local activities, monuments, wildlife, or lighthouse.

Vintage Ads
Baltimore, Maryland - Blue Crabs Vintage Sign - Lantern Press Artwork

Made to look like weatherworn wooden signs from decades ago, we can namedrop any of the designs made (nearly 100 already).

Sign Post
Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Destination Signpost - Lantern Press Poster

The top sign is for where you’re standing, with the rest of the sign post pointing towards local destinations. Choose from one of our nine generic backgrounds and customize from there.

Night Scene
Boston, Massachusetts - Skyline at Night - Lantern Press Artwork

Often times larger cities, but we can do this for small towns as well. We will include a moon when we can. Bring your city to life in a fresh new way!

New York - Statue of Liberty National Monument - Technical - Lantern Press Artwork

Our Technical Drawings are focused on details! From bridges, skyscrapers, dams, and airplanes, our technicals focus on those that want facts, details, and precision in their artwork.

Texas - Boot & Star - Lantern Press Artwork

We can draw any theme you request. From boots to bears, we either have it or will get it right to you. Please let us know your requests!

Specific Scenes
Yosemite National Park, California - Yosemite Falls - Lantern Press Artwork

Scene Specific Artwork is one of our specialties. The viewer will know that the artwork is customized for a specific place. Lantern Press gives you the opportunity to carry art that isn’t generic!

Custom Art
San Juan Island, Washington - Lime Kiln Lighthouse Day Scene - Lantern Press Poster

On a daily basis, we receive requests for customized, extremely specific artwork for your location. Be it a casino, lighthouse, park, or anything else – we will create beautiful artwork for you.

Art Changes
Bear and Spring Flowers - Lantern Press Poster Bear and Spring Flowers - Lantern Press Poster

Like what you see but with a few slight changes? No problem! We’re able to add, eliminate or exchange elements for the majority of our existing images. The images above illustrate how we can incorporate elements into a piece of artwork and make it specific to your location. This feature allows you the benefits of having an image specific to your location without the custom price tag.

Namedrops & Logodrops
Orcas Island, Washington - Dungeness Crab Vintage Sign - Lantern Press Artwork Bandon, Oregon - Dungeness Crab Vintage Sign - Lantern Press Artwork

We love customizing our images to represent your location! Simply pick your favorite design, provide your information, and leave the rest to us! With our large variety of Namedrop images available, we can create an image that represents your town, state, or region name. We can also add your logo to any of our images to create a branded look.

Get the ball rolling:

Please email us at and request new artwork. If you have photographs or other imagery that you’d like to send to us, you can either email to the address above, or send to:

Lantern Press
C/O Retail Support
PO BOX 9938
Seattle, WA 98109

If you don’t have images, that’s ok too! Please forward us requests and we will have our art team research source and ideas. You can also email namedrop requests to us anytime.

Give us some guidance:

Above, you will find several art concepts that Lantern Press specializes in. Please take a look at these and let the art team know your ideas. The more guidance and specifics you can give us ahead of time, the more likely we’ll get your artwork right on the first draft.


If sending digital files, please make sure they are in high resolution. You can send the following formats: JPG, TIFF, PDF, and EPS. If the file is larger than 10MB, please send to us via You Send It or another third party data program.


The timeline required to create new art depends on the complexity of the request. Namedrops and logodrops are completed within 2-3 business days. A new, custom image can take 2-4 weeks from start to finish, and we will typically send you a rough sketch for placement and content approval before finishing the design. Please note, if we are experiencing a high volume of requests, the timeline may increase. If you are under any type of deadline to have product in hand, please let us know in your initial art request. Once the artwork is approved, our standard turnaround time for production is 2 weeks plus ship time.